AR Glass (Apple Glass) will introduce this year, Price and Specifications

Apple Glass Introduced

AR Glass (Augmented Reality Glass Apple) which has been around for a few years may be introduced this year. About Apple Ming-Chi Kuo, who makes reliable predictions, says. Although the device should not be expected before 2022, YouTuber John Poser predicts AR Glass this year he will present himself. Recently introduced iPhone John made the most accurate prediction about SE. Soon Video of the prototype of the upcoming Apple AR Glass John claims he saw it. Said for years will the arrival of the listening AR glass be a festival for Apple lovers? You can check Apple’s technology beyond iPhones even if they are not taken away, they may not survive the iPhone is one of the company’s two major Self-driving cars that were supposed to pass by, Apple to test California for their cars permitted in 2017. However, this project is for Apple there is news that it is not moving in a positive way.

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Apple Glass Price in India

Another major project is AR Glass. The famous Google Surpassing Glass and Microsoft’s Holo Lens is probably what Apple lovers thought. If Apple launches the device, it will cost more than $2,000 was expected. But, if you believe what John is saying, the glasses that Apple is going to launch every year will be only $499 Price. (If you come to India now, the tax has been added Expect about Rs 52,500.) However, for the visually impaired for those who use glasses, with glasses suitable for him If you want to buy, the price will go up again. The marketing name of this device will be ‘Apple Glass’ Says John. The frame of the apple glass he saw was a plastic YouTuber says it’s build. But, what he saw‌ since it is a prototype, it may come in a different form when it is unloaded no wonder. One of the reasons for the low cost is plastic construction may be. The one wearing the Apple Glass The outsider does not understand what he sees.

Apple Glass Technology

The first Apple Watch was processed by the iPhone. The same goes for the first generation Apple Glass Processing will be delivered to iPhone or iPad John says‌. A technology Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging, LiDAR…) for Apple Glass. iPad launched this year It will be available on Pro and iPhone 12. Usually a laser, a scanner, a special on the Lidar device, and GPS receiver. To the right of the frame, John says that the Lidar is placed sideways‌. However, the camera can be a threat to privacy John says no space has been provided. (A problem with Google Glass this was.) Apple Glass is a plastic substrate for charging John says‌. The charging will be wireless. To the glass‌ Of the user interface used to display incoming information, The name will be ‘Starboard’. (Of the iPhone‌ Springboard‌.) Command Apple Glass through gestures It is said that it can be given. Such a great product that Apple lovers have come to expect iPhone 12 and Apple Watch‌ because there is no way to be after presenting this too (One More Thing) saying yes.

More about Apple Glass

John also speculates that Apple was there to perform on stage. But it was the coronavirus that broke the rhythm of everything that’s different about Apple Glass? It also says that it has to be seen. Apple Glass‌ this year even if it is introduced, it cannot be bought immediately. Instead, in 2021, it will hit the market in late or early 2022 Says, John. Emerging technology so Apples to develop it step by step if it’s a decision, it’s a good decision. Wearable technology is expected to make significant progress in the coming years. Each picking up the phone every once in a while should be avoided. All the best of the iPhone in a few years I was waiting to see if Apple would be able to deliver the AR glass, wait and see. Thank you.

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